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▪ Four Axis Lead Egde Feeder With Dust Suction System.Applied VFD (Variable Frequency Drives)  Control Suction Volume Due To Different Boards’ Size Also Suitable For Bent Boards. 

▪ Main Motor With Frequency Control Servo Motor Which Is Much Faster Precise.

▪ With Newest Double Screws For The Slotting Unit Adjustment, Avoid The Slotting Cutter Holder Stuck With The Axis.Softy Smoothly Adjustment, Also Much Precise(Our Patent Design).

▪ Frequency Motor Speed Compensation System To Keep Anvil Roll Speed Always The Same With Die Cutting Roller.To Ensure Die Cutting Accuracy.Compensation Ranges ±3mm For Normal Corrugated Boards.

▪ All Units Use Expansion Sets Tight Link To Reduce Abrasion Of The Shaft.To Keep Precision Of The Machine For Long Years.

▪ All Gears With Alloy Steel Carton Treatment,Precision Grinded .Hardness 60-63 Degree.

▪ Whole Machine Equipped With High-Precision Ball Lead Screw Which Make Sure The Adjustment More Precise Also Durable.

▪ Anilox Roller With Fast Roller Shaft Structure, Which Can Quick Change The Chamber Doctor Blades Instead Of Normal Rubber Roller. Much Convenient Flexible For Users.

▪ Boards Guide Wheels Can Fast Adjust With Fast Lock Unlock Design,Save Time.

▪ All Pressure Gap Adjusting With Computerized Digital Input On PLC Touch Screen.

▪ Main Motor With Start Delay Protection Function.If All The Units Locked Well,The Main Motor Will Work.

▪ The Ink Circulation System With Automatic Cleaning Device Monitoring Device, The Automatic Alarm Can Reduce Paper Waste When The Ink Shortage.



▪ More Than 95% Of The Electrical Elements Are International Famous Brand. Servo CNC Positioning Technology Control Center, Colorful Touch Screen Memory Parameters In The Feeder, The Printer, The Slotter Die Cutter. When Stopped The Machine During Producing, Such As Clean The Printing Rubber/Studio,When You Close The Units Again, The Data You Had Already Set Will Be Reset Automatically You Do Need Set Again, It Saves Time Papers.

▪ With Orders Saving Memory Storage. With Computer Control, Save Orders Date, Fast Order Shafting Also Easier Operating.

▪ Ink Circulation Monitor System, Alarm When Ink Shortage, Save Boards.(Optional).

▪ Computer Remote Maintenance, Fast Checking Machine Problems, Save Time Also Convenient, Low Cost. (Optional).

▪ All Units Use Pneumatic Lock, Electricity Apart, The Feeding Wheels Will Stop When Apart The Machine To Make Sure The Printing Accuracy Next Time.

▪ With Europe America Design Concept, Passed Europe CE Certificate Verification. 




1 ) Vacuum Adsorption, Lead Edge Feeder Structure.

2 ) Baffle Behind Paper-Sending Board, Side Baffle Are All Motorized Adjustment.

3 ) The Slide Of The Paper Sending Board Are Using Aluminum Alloys Structure, It Makes The Machine Works Smoothly Steady, No Shake At All.

4 ) Boards Sending Table Is Stainless Steel Structure,60mm Thickness Stainless Steel Wall Durable. Automatic Patting System.

5 ) Automatic Counting, Touch-Screen Input Schneider PLC.

6 ) To Suitable For Large Size Paper Boards Feeding, Electricity Air Controlling System Been Used For Boards Skip Feeding, Customer Can Choose Continue /Skip Boards Feeding According To Their Needs.

7 ) Feeding Stacker Use The Air Cylinder Adjusting System, Also Equipped With Inter-Lock Control Switch In Slotting Unit Stacker Unit To Ensure Sudden Stop Recovery Sending Immediately.



1) Pneumatic Side Patting Device(Left Side),Patting Frequency Can Be Set On The Screen.


Section Apart Close

1) Button Switches Apart Close Machinery,Automatic Alarming System.

2) Pneumatic Wall Apart Close, The Machine Are Been Locked By The Paperboard-Feeding Main Cylinder Lock.


Boards Transmit Feed Roller

1) The Durable Plastic Structure Been Used On The Upper Paper-Feeding Roller, Roller Is Solid.

2) Embossing Roller Hard Chrome, Durable Steady.


Back To “Zero”

1) The Machine Equipped With Computer-Setting Automatic Back To Zero, Also Registration Memory Function, To Ensure All The Units Have The Same Adjustment Foundation, Automatic Setting To Right Place, Save The Boards.


Dust Remover System

1) Dust Brush & Powerful Dust Remover Blower, High Efficiency Dust Cleaning On Boards Surface.




1) The Printer Cylinder OD Is φ391mm,(Include Plate Is φ405mm), Registration Adjustment Is Planetary Gears, PC Control, Digital Display, The Printing Cylinder Can Forward Backward 360 Degree Registration Adjustment With Servo Motor System, Steady Start Stop, Position Accuracy. Also With Fast Plate/Studio Shaft Function.

2) High Quality Steel Metal Printing Roller Been Grinded Hard Chrome, Marked With Latitude Longitude Lines. Convenient To Put Hang The Printing Rubber/Studio, Pasting ,Fast Position Fixing.

3) Balance Correction, Steady Working, Suitable For High Speed Running.

4) Equipped With Plate/Studio Hanging Plate System, Easy Fast Changing Printing Plate/Studio.

5) High Precise 360 Degree Adjusting Printing Cylinder.

6) There Is Back-To-Zero Device With Printing Roller/Cylinder, It Is Very Convenient To Change Adjust Plate/Studio. Suitable To Change Different Sizes Corrugated Boxes, With Foot-Step Switch When Pasting Printing Plate/Studio. Can Do The Micro Adjustment When Pasting Plate/Studio With Frequency Control.

7) The Lateral Move For Print Cylinder Ranges 0-15mm Both Sides. Motorized Adjustment.


Print Embossing Roller

1) The Print Embossing Roller OD is 200mm, Use High Quality Seamless Steel Pipe. Done Balancing Correction.Running Steady, Grinding On Surface, With Hard Chrome Too.

2) With The Adjustable Eccentric For The Print Embossing Roller Gap Adjusting, Make Sure Structure Tide Position Precise.

3) Scorer Roller With Motorized Up Down Adjusting,With Memory Function,Automatic Adjusting Up Down.


Boards Transmit Wheels

1) Upper Boards Guide Axis:Solid Axis, OD Is φ120mm, Been Grinded Plated Chrome.With 3 Fast Moving Boards Guide Wheels Od Φ175mm.

2) Down Boards Guide Axis: Solid Axis, OD Is φ200mm, Been Grinded、Sandblasting、Hard Chrome Procedure.

3) Adjustable Eccentric For The Down Boards Axis Gap Adjusting, It Makes Tide Structure Position Accuracy.Down Boards Axis With Motorized Up Down,With Computer Memory Automatic Adjusting.


Rubber Roller (Φ210mm)

(1)  Material Is High Quality Seamless Steel Pipe. Also Do Balancing Correction.

(2) With High Quality Durable Rubber On The Surface Of The Roller, Long-Life Service.No Damage To Boards.

(3) With Chaoyue Brand Clutch The Automatically Idling Run System For The Rubber Roller, To Make Sure Water Ink Will Dry,Taiwan CPG Motor Used Here.

(4) Middle High Level Grind With The Surface, Suitable For The High Lines LPI Request The High Accuracy Large Area Printing.

(5) The Rubber Roller’S Apart Close Are Adapt Helical Worm Geared Motor Manual Adjustment, With The Adjustable Eccentric Of The Gap Adjusting, With Scale Display.

(6) Intermittent Trimming Adjustment To Make Sure The Ink Evenly


Ceramic Rollers (Optional)

( 1 ) OD Is Φ215mm, Basic Metal Roller,Spraying Ceramic After Laser Engraving,Dots Exact Same,Print Precise Long Service Life.


Ink Supply System

( 1 ) Single Direction Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump,Auto Ink Circulation Supply,Anilox Roller Print Cylinder System Motorized Adjusting.

( 2 ) Filter Keeps Dust Outside,Ensure Precise Print.

( 3 ) Stainless Steel Ink Bucket.

( 4 ) Ink Bucket With Special Nanotechnology,Ink Easy Got Washed.


Registration Adjusting System

( 1 ) With High Accuracy Three Planetary Gear Structure, The Registration Can Be Motorized Adjusting Correctly 360 Degree With Servo Motor.

( 2 ) The Print Registration Adapt The PLC, Touch-Screen Servo Motor 360 Degree Adjustment. Much Precise Than Normal Motor.

( 3 ) Registration Adjust Adapts Belt Brake Reducer With Servo Motor, To Ensure The Print Cylinder Registration Adjustment More Exact.


Registration Brake System

 ( 1 ) Machine Units Apart Registration Adjusting, Transmission Gears Positions Keep The Same.




Control System

( 1 )With Computer Touch Screen, Servo Motor System Automatically Checking, Position Auto Locking Fix, Fast More Precise.

( 2 )Except The Touch Screen,Together With PLC The Rotation Encoder To Adjust The Width,Length Height Sizes For The Box Orders. You Also Can Adjust These Sizes By Using The Electrical Buttons Control.

( 3 )With Sudden-Stop/Emergency Protection Device To Make Sure The Operating Safety.


Slotter Registration Adjust

( 1 ) Registration With Frequency Control 360 Degree Precise Adjusting, Forward Backward, Fast Precise.

( 2 ) Registration Back To Zero Device Can Ensure The Same Slot Position.


Creaser Scorer Wheels

 ( 1 ) Scorers Slotting Knives Lateral Moving With Precise Double Ball Screws(Both Up Down Sides) Automatically Adjust.

 ( 2 ) With Durable High Quality Resins On The Upper Paperboard Feeding Wheels, No Damage Will Do On The Boards.

 ( 3 ) With The Adjustable Eccentric Bearings Of The Down Side Scorer Axis Down Side Slotter Axis, It Makes The Structure Tide Position Fix Accuracy


Slitter Scorer Block

( 1 )The Thickness 7mm For Slotter Knives Material Is Imported High Quality Alloy Steel Saw-Tooth Crescent-Like Slotting Knives, Hard Toughness, Durable.

( 2 )Slotter Axis’ Surface Are Been Grinded With Hard Chrome Producer, Move Steady Smoothly.

( 3 )The Slotter Knives’ BlocksThe Scorers WheelsThe Slitting Wheels Can Be Automatically Adjusted On The Axial Lateral Direction.

( 4 )Slotter Axis Registration-Checking Device, Can Remember Any Present Position Of The Slotter Axis, Ensure Them Can Back Automatically To The Original Set Position After Order Changing.

( 5 )With PLC The Rotation Encoder & Servo Motor System, Can Automatic Adjust Quick Fix Slot Position (The Distance For All Slot Knives). The Slot Height(Box Height).

( 6 )There Are Double Up Down Pre-Creaser/Embossing Wheels For The Slotting Unit.


Middle Knive Movable

 ( 1 ) Can Make Large Format Double Pieces Boxes, Lid Bottom Boxes.



Slotter Unit(Five Times Creaser Scorer Slotter Adjust)


1. Double Pre-Creaser, Three Times Creaser Scorer Shaping. Total Five Times Creaser Scorer, Gap Adjustable According Different Boards Thickness. Computerized Gap Difference Adjustment Automatically As The  Curve According To The Boards. All Creaser Scorer Position Flexible Fixing, Suitable For Different Boards Requests.Perfect Forming Folding.

2. Pre-Creaser, Creaser Scorer Wheels Easy Change. Urethane Out Surface, No Damage To Boards.

3. Patent Slotter Shape, Down Cylinder With Anvil Cover, Tungsten Steel Slitting Blades With Various Shapes, Easy Changing Perfect Cutting As Die Cut, Clean & Tidy Slotting.

1) Slotter Axis Solid, Double Grinding, Harden Chrome.

2) Down Cylinder Made By Thick Seamless Steel Pipe.

3) Computerized Gap Adjustment, Digital Display, Range 0-12mm.


Registration Adjust


· Planetary Gears Structure For Registration,360°Precise Adjust.

· Computerized Setting Registration By Servo Motor With Memory Function, Digital Display, Reback Position Automatically If Any Interrupt Adjustment.

·  Servo Motor Registration Control, Double Speed Model Insure Run Reback.

· Registration Fixing With Electromagnetic Clutch Braking Mechanism, When The Machine Separated Adjusting, The Braking Mechanism Will Restricted Machine Rotation, Keeping The Original Position Of The Slotting Blades



· Spring Type Flap Cutting Design For 3ply,5Ply. No Need Adjust,Convenient To Use.

· Single Shaft With Double Blades Structure.Slotting Height With Gears Outside Structure Which Makes Easier Maintenance Low Cost Repairing.

· Accurate Lead Screw (Double Screw),Smoothly Blocks Moving,Dust Resistance,With Liner Guider Further Makes Accurate Precise Moving.

· Slotting Blades Slitting Blades All Can Be Moved.

· Box Height Slotting Setting With Computer Automatic Adjust,Digital Display,Four Slotting Blades Sections Moving Adjusting Synchronous.

· The Creasing Wheels Roller Transmission Driven By Cam Bearings Drive,Less Abrasion To Make The Transmission More Steady Smoothly.

· Upper Down Blade Blocks Are Linked Driven By Transmission Shaft, The Upper Down Blades In The Same Line When Moving, Which Makes The Knives Blades Longer Service Life.

· Protection Device Equipped With The Height Adjustment, Will No Damage To The Machine When Adjusting.




Operation Control

( 1 )Adapt Digital Touch Screen, With PLC Rotation Encoder, Can Automatic Check Adjust Quick Fix The Position. Die-Cutting Position. Fast High Efficiency.

( 2 )Sudden/Emergency-Stop Protection Device To Ensure Operation Safety.


Die Registration Adjusting

 ( 1 ) Anvil Cover Up Down Motorized Adjust, Anvil Cover Lateral Continually Moving, Left Right ±20mm. Which Make Sure Anvil Cover Worn Evenly Longer Service Life.

( 2 )Die 360°Motorized Adjusting, Lateral Motorized Movement ±8mm.


Anvil Cover Roller

1Anvil Cover Axis OD Φ389mm(Φ405mm Including Anvil Cover),Material Is High Quality Seamless Steel Pipe. With Hard Chrome On Surface Been Grinded Done Balancing Correction Too.

2Anvil Cover With Interlocking Design, Convenient To Replace Change.

3Servo Motor Speed Compensation System Keep Anvil Axis Speed Always Same With Die Cutting Axis. Die Cutting Accuracy. Compensation Ranges ±3mm For Normal Corrugated Boards.

4The Anvil Cover Roller With Mechanical Differential Structure Makes Sliding Left Right, Range 0-50mm Both Sides, Which Make Sure The Urethane Rubber Can Been Worn Even, Longer The Service Life.

5Gap Motorized Adjusting, Digital Display, Range 0-12mm Both Sides.

6When Die Registration Auto Adjusting Auto Back Position, Anvil Cover Axis Lift Up Automatically, After Finishing Adjusting Will Back Position Automatically Which Can Avoid Damaging The Anvil Cover.


Die Cylinder

( 1 ) Die Cutter Axis/Cylinder OD Φ360mm, High Quality Seamless Steel Pipe. With Hard Chrome On Surface Been Grinded Also Do Balancing Correction.

( 2 ) Latitude Longitude Lines On The Die Cutter Cylinder,With M10 Standard Screw Holes.

( 3 ) The Height Of The Die Is Standard Height=24mm, Easy To Made Install Change.

( 4 ) Die Cutter Unit With Light Prepare For Night Working.


Boards Transmit Roller

( 1 )Upper Boards Embossing Axis Is Made Of Solide Steel, OD Is Φ120mm, Has Been Grinded Plated Chrome, On Surface, With Four Embossing Boards Guide Wheels.

( 2 ) Down Boards Embossing Axis OD Is Φ200mm, Has Been Grinded Plated Chromed On Surface, Done Balance Correction Too.

( 3 )Down Boards Feed Gap Manual Adjusting, Scale Display, Range 0-12mm.


Registration Adjusting

 ( 1 ) With High Accuracy Planetary Gear Structure, The Registration Can Be Adjusted Correctly 360 Degree.

 ( 2 ) Registration With Motorized Adjusting, Digital Display, Memory Storage Function, Can Back To Original Position After Adjusting.

( 3 ) Lateral Move With Manual Adjustment, Range ±8mm.

( 4 ) Electromagnetic Brake Mechanism Registration Fixing System, When Machinery Sections Apart Adjusting ,The System Can Restrict Machine Running, Which Make Sure Die Position Moving.